Modern Closet Showroom in NYC

Welcome to German Design Center, featuring award-winning European furniture design and innovative engineering by leading German furniture brands. German furniture feature flexible pricing structures and custom contemporary furniture design to create a beautiful home, developed through strict quality standards, manufactured with durable materials, and built to ensure quality and style.

Piure Closet Systems

Using the finest quality German engineering, Piure sets the standard for modern functional living spaces. The innovative modular design system was conceived with ease of use in mind, allowing you to combine luxury European furniture with practicality. Piure specializes in living room systems including credenzas, cabinetry, wall-mounted open and closed shelves, entertainment centers, closets and wardrobes.

Team 7 Closet Systems

Austrian furniture makers at Team 7 draw from the natural world for inspiration when designing furniture systems that integrate comfort and functionality within the home. Sustainability is a cornerstone of Team 7’s philosophy, with furniture made from natural wood that is responsibly sourced. Colored glass finishes are available to make your furniture vibrant. Your convenience and relaxation are what drive Team 7 to build custom closets and shelving of sound materials and precise finishes.

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Modern Closet Showroom NYC